Backapp Hipp

  • The ergonomic chair for office, home workplace, meeting rooms etc; 
  • The seat form is ergonomic and fits to the body; 
  • Lightweight and flexible seat plate; 
  • Unique damping device ensures soft movements; 
  • Environmentally friendly materials, which can be dismantled for recycling;
  • Free shipping all over Ukraine 🙂

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Buying for a team?

No matter whether you work with five teammates or five hundred, our project managers will help you create an ergonomic space that your team will enjoy.


The company “Backapp” offers a chair for active sitting, the design of which incorporates the principle of “ balance engine”. What do we mean?

At the base of the chair is a unique stability mechanism ( in effect it is a special ball). Owing to it the sitting on the chair Hipp becomes to constant balancing.The legs should be placed on a special stand and do not touch the floor.This posture allows you to be in a constant search for balance, like riding a horse or a bicycle, and do it casually. At the same time, more muscles of back and legs are involved than during the sitting on a chair without a backrest. Thanks to this, the fatigue of the spine is reduced and the posture is aligned. Of course, constant movement helps to improve blood circulation and, accordingly, work capacity. As a bonus – 19% more kilocalories are burning 😉 If you are used to moving (or want to move more), but have a “sedentary” type of job – active sitting is just for you. 


Manufacturer  Backapp
Model  Hipp
Producing country  Sweden
Height  650 – 910 mm
Sitting height  560 – 820 mm
Maximum user weight  110 kg
Weight  4,7 kg
Seat material  polypropylene
Seat dimensions (W x D)  400 х 353 mm
Color base/top  black/white
Regulation  height, level of stability
Warranty  5 years

Additional information

A few words about the Backapp brand. This company has patented its unique technology, which is based on the results of scientific research. It aims to help improve people’s health by training muscles while sitting for a long periods of time. The company also cares about the environment – the chair is not only made of recycled materials, but it can also be disassembled for the recycling.


Backapp Hipp

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