About Us

We had a desire and nothing could stop us

History of our development is full events and victories

We offer you a revolutionary solution a height adjustable sit-to-stand desk. You can easily switch from sitting to standing and vise versa.

People working with such desks, prove positive effect of regular body position shifting during a working day. It’s energy boost, increased concentration, loss of extra weight, disappearance of back pain and only positive emotions. 


Creating STIYSTIL,  we put maximum efforts

for you to enjoy the table starting from ordering, delivery and  to cause you only positive emotions from the ordering, delivery, installation and everyday use. STIYSTIL is an easy to use quality product. It’s ready to use right out of the box

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How did it start?

It all started with the fact that we could not buy a standing desk in Ukraine stand that could be installed on an existing table. We have ordered one from Europe and it had badly influenced the price. Analyzing the market, we decided to develop our own version of height adjustable desk.

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The goal

The goal we set ourselves was  to create create a high-quality and reliable product. First prototype, second, third… every time we’ve have been testing something, optimising and changing it. Material and color of the surface, treatment of metals, construction of mechanisms, forms. In the end we got a sample and launched the production.

About Us 7

For a start we decided

From the very beginning we have decided to find suppliers of components and do the assembly on our own to control the quality of the final product. The fact that we were looking for manufacturers who can provide us the required quality and who would be able to scale up to the required quantity can be described in more than one article.

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What`s we got?

Finally – we got a reliable, stable and quality desk we can proudly show to people and offer them to work with it. We understand that many people really need it and are willing to work for our user.


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