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Rated load capacity: The LITE is rated to lift 80 kg, while the PRO is rated to lift 125 kg.

Stability: LITE — 9/10. The PRO model has maximum stability — 10/10. 

Noise level: Both models are practically silent. Accordingly, for this indicator, models LITE and PRO are rated as “low” and “very low”, respectively.

Guarantee: Both models come with a 5 (for PRO) and 2 (for LITE) years guarantee and free shipping. 

We offer three material options: Oak (joined solid wood panels), Particle Board, High-Pressure Laminate (very strong modern material). 

Particle Board. This is a type of chipboard with a matte or semi-matte coating of various colors. We use high-quality particle board from reputable manufacturers — SWISS KRONO and KRONOSPAN. Such desktops are not afraid of temperature or humidity changes, and are quite resistant to damage.

Oak. The natural material is covered with a special oil in two layers to protect the wood from temperature changes and preserve its natural color. An oak desktop looks much more impressive than particle board, but the choice is always up to the client.HPL. This is laminated plywood with a black or white coating. This material is extremely resistant to the effects of the atmosphere. We advise you to choose this desktop if you plan to place the workplace on a porch or balcony or in a room where a sharp change in temperature and/or humidity is possible.

  1. With us, you can choose a tabletop not only of the desired size, but also of a color to your taste. This applies to particle board or oak, which we can darken. You can also order a desktop made from a single slab of solid oak.

In addition, at your request, the desktop can be augmented with additional cutouts and holes, as well as a mounted wireless. All this can be done to custom order.

The working surface of our height adjustable desk can be changed within a range from 62 to 127 cm, so it is suitable for people of any height, even over 190 cm.

The possibilities of our desks are quite large: the PRO model can lift up to 125 kg during movement, while the LITE is rated for 80 kg.

Active sitting, as opposed to usual sitting, assumes that the muscles of the back and core remain engaged, without relaxing too much. You can read about the benefits of such sitting by following this link:

We have holiday discounts, it is possible to use a promo code, and also to get cash back for reviews. In addition, you can save by choosing a particle board desktop of a non-standard size or color for 999 UAH (from the table on the website).

The best way is to try the chair for yourself, as the issue of seat comfort is quite individual. If it is not possible to test the chair, call us – and we will certainly help you choose.

Floor mats help to properly distribute the load on your feet during long standing work. They also reduce the feeling of fatigue and heaviness in the legs. The accessories presented on our website will help create the most comfortable and ergonomic workplace.

For Solid: The width of the surface 96 cm – enough for two 24″ monitors. Two-level structure: the upper part for displays, the lower for keyboard, mouse, graphics tablet or laptop. The monitor is located at the eye level.

For Height adjustable desk you have many more options, cause you can choose the desktop size to fit all your needs.

Solid is quite massive and therefore stable when you switch positions.

Height adjustable desk is even more stable.

To test our desks for yourself and feel their advantages, visit our showroom in Kyiv at Yevhena Sverstyuka St. 13, office 405 or in Lviv at Knyahyni Olhy St. 95 (the Mark shopping center).m the date of order. Customized desk tops are not refundable.

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