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  • ergonomic chair for the manager;
  • for an active sitting position;
  • easy adjustment with convenient levers;
  • high-quality and durable construction;
  • free delivery throughout Ukraine 🙂

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FLOKK RH MEREO 300 – a Scandinavian sensation – designed for you. Uncompromising ergonomics combined with innovation and design. The office chair RH Mereo helps you to achieve an active sitting position, better concentration and better performance. RH Mereo is perfect for workplaces where several people use the same office chair.

RH Mereo 300 has a large square back and comes as standard with castors for soft floors and base in black lacquered aluminium and plastic in black colour. It can also be enhanced with a range of options and accessories. User-friendly levers for adjustments with intuitive shapes and placement thats makes it easily adjusted to personal needs and preferences – no matter what size or shape you are.


Manufacturer RH
Model Mereo 300
Mechanism synchronous
Seat cushion seat standard 
Back fabric
Lumbar support adjustable
Armrest 4D
Headrest adjustable
Regulation height, seat depth, tilt fixation, rigidity of rocking, seat inclination angle, back height, armrests width
Maximum load 120 kg
Footbase 5-arm aluminium, black
Colour dark green
Producing country Sweden
Warranty 5 years

Additional information

Excellent chair design takes care of your body as you sit. For RH, design and ergonomics are two sides of the same coin. They design user-friendly chairs that help you to perform better throughout the working day.

Nature never intended us to sit sedentary in an office chair. We are designed for movement. The RH chair has been designed to encourage movement and to help you to sit as upright as possible.

Sitting is a passive activity. If you choose an RH chair, it doesn’t take much to keep you moving. The chair follows your smallest movements, giving the correct support in relation to your height and weight in order to relieve pressure points. The RH chair reduces inactivity and the negative consequences of the seated position. The more you move around, the longer you can sit without causing damage to your health. In other words, their view of ergonomics is not entirely unlike nature’s. This has helped the company to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of ergonomic office and work chairs.

RH is true to its roots in Scandinavian Design. From the 1950s onwards, designers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden created simple and functional products with high standards of material use and quality. The style, which was light and Nordic, aroused international attention. The designers of office and work chairs at RH are still working according to this tradition. They do not make compromises and as a result all superfluous design is cut out. What remains is an anatomical and functional chair that takes care of your body as you sit working hour after hour. Even though ergonomics is the most important aspect, RH knows that appearance is very important to everyone. They design chairs that you will want to sit in and that will fit perfectly into modern offices and meeting rooms.



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  1. 5 out of 5

    Одного прекрасного дня моє старе крісло вирішило сказати “бувай”. Вирішив, що настав час придбати якісне ергономічне. Посидів у шоу-румі StiyStil на всіх кріслах і найбільше сподобалось RH Mereo 220. Замовив тест-драйв. Кілька днів сидів на ньому, налаштовував. Спочатку було якось дивно і не сказав би, що зручно. Потім почав боліти поперек. Я вже почав думати, що це крісло мені не підходить, але все ж таки вирішив побавитись з регулюваннями. І добре, що так зробив. В якись момент, після n-ї спроби конфігурації, мені стало зручно.

    Вирішив, що потрібно замовляти таке собі. На сайті виробника, в конфігураторі, виявилось, що є ще одна версія такого крісла зі зміненю формою спинки (Mereo 300). Спробував знайти відгуки в інтернеті, але, нажаль, їх не багато.

    Ризикнув замовити саме версію 300.

    Нещодавно крісло доставили. Тиждень налаштовував. Кілька днів сиджу і все подобається. Звичайно 12 годин на ньому нон-стоп не просидиш, бо сидіння трішки жорстке, але підтримка спини – топ, кількість можливих налаштувань – топ, збірка також порадувала.

    Дякую StiyStil за допомогу у виборі, придбанні і доставці.


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