Profim Light Up 250SFL

  • a reliable chair for an affordable price;
  • maximum adaptation to the movements of your body;
  • a popular model for furnishing offices;
  • minimalistic design.

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Light Up is a modern swivel chair with a great price-quality ratio. A perfect solution for those seeking ergonomic and economical chairs. The plastic elements are  black, perfect for classic offices. The mesh version of backrest is extremely flexible, and the use of breathable, high-quality mesh provides an additional advantage: air circulation. The design and technical solutions used to create Light Up chairs make them suitable for any type of office area. Developed for people who spend long hours at their desks and who need physically comfortable and aesthetic solutions. Light Up’s modern and minimalist aesthetic combines form and function in the most elegant way. Every part of the chair serves a purpose – nothing is superfluous. Most importantly, all of its shapes have been thoroughly optimized to provide the utmost in comfort and ergonomic quality. While working at a desk, we are in constant motion, even though this might seem contradictory. We shift our position and adjust the pressure exerted on the backrest. It is important for the chair to react adequately to these changes, ensuring proper posture, removing pressure from the spine, providing comfort at work, and preventing distractions from the task at hand.


Manufacturer Profim
Model Light Up 250SFL
Mechanism synchronous
Seat cushion seat standard 
Backrest mesh
Lumbar support adjustable
Armrest 2D
Headrest none
Regulation height, seat depth, tilt fixation, rigidity of rocking, backrest height and depth
Maximum load 120 kg
Footbase white, plastic
Color gray
Producing country Poland
Warranty 5 years


Additional information

For 30 years Profim has been producing chairs and office chairs of the highest quality, with authenticity, local sourcing, and precision at the core of their work. The company has ambition to create products that are both unique yet universal: durable, user friendly, stylistically approachable, and affordable. Furniture, created with attention to detail, durable and functional, that becomes an essential and treasured component of every workplace. Timeless design doesn’t need to shout, Profim offers subtle and well thought out solutions. They produce furniture that is accessible on a budget but designed to be universally admired both in terms of attractiveness, cohesive design, and ease of use. They offer furniture that is user and environment friendly, striving to reduce their impact on climate change by limiting the use of toxic materials and so lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Although a relatively young brand, Profim possesses both experience and innovative technological solutions. Their furniture is guaranteed to be well made using creative solutions and innovative technologies. Good design, that is both user and environment friendly, requires clever solutions. The company has an aim to create striking, quality furniture for every budget. Profim is at the forefront of technological advancement and the highest standards of production, including sustainable solutions. Their approach to design is rational, practical and with the end product always in mind. All of this, combined with imagination, daring, and creativity, continuously inspires them to think “outside the box”. The result leaves them extremely proud.


Profim Light Up 250SFL

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