Giroflex 40

  • developed by a progressive brand;
  • synchronous mechanism provides natural body movement;
  • easy adjustment with convenient levers;
  • simple universal design;
  • free delivery throughout Ukraine 🙂

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Giroflex 40 is an elegant, energizing contribution to a workplace environment. Designed by ITO-Design, with lines incorporating the trademark Giroflex synchro-mechanism & dual-zone seating philosophy to the chair, whilst emphasizing a more approachable and intuitive approach to office seating. The visual design language is delicately forwarded from classics like the giroflex 313 and giroflex 353. Rounded edges, wrap-around mesh and subtle controls offer an aesthetic simplicity more commonly found in the home, whilst under the hood, there is a powerful seating machine offering comfort, support, and a first-class sitting experience. The resulting is an approachable and timeless chair that can easily be adapted between individuals and endure the workload of office use as well as providing enough comfort for the home office.


Manufacturer Giroflex
Model 40-4049
Mechanism synchronous
Seat cushion seat standard 
Backrest mesh
Lumbar support adjustable
Armrest 3D
Headrest adjustable
Regulation height, seat depth, tilt fixation, rigidity of rocking, seat inclination angle
Maximum load 120 kg
Footbase 5-arm aluminium, black
Colour light grey
Producing country Switzerland
Warranty 5 years


Additional information

For 150 years, the name Giroflex has been synonymous with seating excellence – a pioneering brand defined by cutting-edge technology and innovation, helping active people and active minds sit and work better.

Giroflex office chairs offer synchro motion, resulting in a natural body movement as you recline in the chair. The more backward you recline the seat, the more your upper body will open up. This movement is created by the synchro mechanism, which drives the motion of the seat and backrest individually, at a ratio of approx. 1:2.5

The synchro mechanism coordinates the tilt of the backrest and seat, so that the chair movement matches the natural bio-mechanical movement of your body. This means the motion of the seat and backrest are designed to maintain perfect contact with the body throughout the chair’s recline, without causing pressure points or sheer, which can be a cause of pain and discomfort.

These well-engineered synchro mechanisms can easily be adjusted to your body weight so that you will experience effortless, flexible and active sitting. This unique feature promotes blood circulation and contributes to your health and wellbeing, helping you feel fresh and stay focussed after long hours, and keeping you healthier in the long-term.

The dual zone seat features a specially developed profile which increases the pressure transferred into the feet, reducing pressure on the thighs and associated limb numbness, and significantly reducing back muscle activity. This results in a more stable, healthy, and relaxed sitting position, that has contributed to the success of this Giroflex icon.


Giroflex 40

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