Stationery Stand Set

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  • a smart approach to workspace organization;·        
  • additional functionality;·        
  • ecological natural materials;·        
  • a green corner at the workplace;·        
  • minimalist composition.

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Buying for a team?

No matter whether you work with five teammates or five hundred, our project managers will help you create an ergonomic space that your team will enjoy.

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The harmonious performance of the orchestra depends on the skill of the conductor. Who else but you should make sure your workplace resonates with you? Use our Stand Set to organize a small office.
A set of four stands of different sizes will help you conveniently place office supplies and other accessories needed for work. You will be pleasantly surprised by the additional functionality of our quartet: using two stands for their intended purpose, you can easily turn the other two into small pots for your favorite indoor plants.

“Eco–friendly living!” — your motto? Then the set of stands is ideal for you because all its elements are made of solid natural oak. Thanks to the cork base, the Stands remain stable and do not scratch the desk surface when moving. We use the bark of the cork oak grown in Portugal, which is considered the birthplace of these trees.

The set of Stands is created in a modern minimalist style. Warm shades and natural wood texture will give you a feeling of coziness and add a special aesthetic of the workspace.


Brand: MyOrchestree
Material: solid oak, cork
Dimensions: 30 х 70 х 70 mm, 50 х 70 х 70 mm, 75 х 70 х 70 mm, 100 х 70 х 70 mm
Color: Oak
Warranty Period: 12 months
Country of Origin: Ukraine
Package dimensions: 16х18х8 sm, 0.9 kg

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Stationery Stand Set

0 reviews
  1. 5 out of 5

    Придбав стіл від компанії @stiystil

    З плюсів шикарний вигляд, стійка основа, можливість налаштувати зручну висоту для різних задач, також органайзер для кабелів це дуже хороша річ.

    Менеджер прийняв моє замовлення та проконсультував по всіх питаннях.

    В них на сайті також замовляв сет підставок Orchestree з натурального дерева, виглядають супер, гарно було все запаковано. Приємно що в Україні виготовляють такі якісні речі.

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