Felt Mat No.1

  • comfort and softness;
  • ecological materials;
  • modern design;
  • anti-slip effect.

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Buying for a team?

No matter whether you work with five teammates or five hundred, our project managers will help you create an ergonomic space that your team will enjoy.

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The working atmosphere is not a reason to ignore one’s own desire for coziness and comfort. A soft felt mat will be a great accessory on your desk. Its surface is pleasant to the touch, and the restrained color and minimalist design make the mat suitable for any interior. You can also comfortably place a computer mouse on the mat.

The mat material is felt and made from recycled raw materials in compliance with environmental issues. The cork base creates an anti-slip effect, ensuring the stability of the mat’s position on the desk surface.


Brand: MyOrchestree
Material: felt, cork
Dimensions: 78 х 48 cm
Color: Grey
Warranty Period: 14 days
Country of Origin: Ukraine
Package dimensions: 52х25х12 sm, 0.75 kg

Additional information

Care recommendations for felt mats

Here are some tips on how to remove dirt from a felt rug at home:

Use a soft-bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt and dust from the felt. Take a small vacuum nozzle, turn on the delicate mode, and run it over the felt.
Clean with a brush or a vacuum cleaner only in one direction! Don’t rub in a circle or up and down. Scrubbing in alternate directions can cause the material to pile up and fuzz.

To remove stains from the felt, lightly wet the dirty area with cool water (until the material is slightly damp) and dab with a soft sponge, lint-free cloth, or a soft-bristled brush.

To remove dirt from the cork surface of the mat, use soapy water and a soft sponge or soft natural baby wipes.

Let it air dry, and avoid direct sunlight.

To remove stubborn stains, we recommend taking the item to the dry cleaners.


Felt Mat No.1

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