Desk Dish No.1

  • made of solid oak;
  • stylish shape, minimalist design;
  • stores small things in one place;
  • complements an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable workplace.

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Buying for a team?

No matter whether you work with five teammates or five hundred, our project managers will help you create an ergonomic space that your team will enjoy.

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Details set the tone for the workplace. Stylish desk dish No.1 is for storing small office supplies. The oakwood surface of the stand is treated with oil. Another natural material used is cork grown in Portugal. The cork layer on the bottom base of the product gives it stability and protects it from damage.

The warm shades of natural oak and the aesthetics of its natural texture will give you a feeling of coziness and harmony.


Brand: MyOrchestree
Material: solid oak, cork
Dimensions: 30 х 70 х 70 mm
Color: Oak
Warranty Period: 12 months
Country of Origin: Ukraine
Package dimensions: 9х8х8 sm, 0.15 kg

Additional information

When choosing a wooden item, familiarize yourself with the following information.

Note that, when choosing a wooden item, you may receive a product that is somewhat different in color or surface texture than the one pictured, because:

– The rendering of colors in the photos posted on the site may vary depending on the settings and parameters of your device’s display.

– The texture and grain of wood is due to its characteristic arrangement of annual growth rings, and therefore each wooden item has its own unique surface pattern.


Desk Dish No.1

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